Hello there! Welcome to our website.

The fact you have navigated your way to us means you are building something, or, that you are a really lousy navigator.  We'll proceed on the premise that you are building something, and, whether you are a seasoned professional or amateur do-it-yourselfer, you have questions, probably a lot of them.

Now that you have found us we will show and tell you about our company and hereby commit to doing our best to be of service to you from start-up to finished project.


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 We're with you from ground breaking to finished project.


These days, all builders have questions and need help along the way, which is what we’ve been doing every day since the late '80s.  Since our production facility is located in Deer Park, which is a nice little town but a little off the beaten track, a big part of the help we give is to come to your job site at your convenience.

But alas, you ask, who is this masked man who will present himself at my job site?  Is he some 90-day wonder? Some instant expert?  Someone whose main interest is to relieve me of my construction cash?

No, no, and no!  Oh, are you in for a pleasant surprise! What lies ahead of you are photographs and short bios of the absolute best, most experienced outside sales professionals this industry has to offer.  We also want you to meet our inside sales staff who specialize in floor designs, cabinets and building materials.

After you browse, decide who you want to help you, send him an e-mail or give him a phone call, and he will take it from there.